CISC101- Week 2

I think online learning and social networking is a good thing, but has its downfalls. Let’s start with online learning. As time goes on, we are relying more and more on technology and eventually in time, technology will probably over take everything. So in essence online learning is beneficial to our future. On the contrary, it is bad because it means that people will forget how to do things the “old-fashioned” way, by hand, and be virtually useless in situations that require it.

As for social networking, it has it’s advantages with keeping in touch with others, for example. On Facebook you can keep track of family members and friends that may not live near you so you don’t see them very often. It’s a way to keep in touch. It is also a way to meet new people, i.e.. Dating sites. Social Networking can also come in handy with classwork if you need to get in contact with a peer for help on homework or a future employer or current employer about a job. It is bad though because eventually people will eventually solely depend on these forms of communication and have no face to face contact with the outside world. I feel it is important to still interact in person with one another.

I think after college, with the way things are going, I will continue to use these tools to advance in life and my career, but I hope that it doesn’t come down to all technology, no human interaction. I would like to still be able to interact with others.


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