CISC101-Week 4

This week we had to explore some organizations related to our major or the field we would like to be in. I explored two different organizations that interested me and I might need to know about in my field. The first was called the Council for Exceptional Children. This organization works to improve the educational success of youth with gifts and talents and disabilities. From here I found the personal Twitter account of a lady named Melody Musgrove (@MelodyMusgrove). On this account she reposts things from the CEC and posts her own experiences with teaching in a special education setting. She also reposts things from other education organizations. The next organization I looked up was Delaware Down Syndrome Association. This is a national organization, but this particular site was for DE’s chapter. From there I found the Twitter account of a little girl named Kayla (@KaylasCourt) who is in the 2nd grade, and has down syndrome. This account shows her living her life just like every one of us, and also shows the awesome things she does in the community. Both of these accounts I find to be very trustworthy and helpful. By following them, I can also find other organizations and other news out related to my field. This week’s activity helped me find other outlets to help me get more knowledge about my field.


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