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CISC101- Week 10– THE LAST ONE!

This is the last blog post for the semester 😦

I have really enjoyed the class this semester and can honestly say I am sad to see it end. I have really liked learning new tools and gadgets. It has helped me learn useful things for the future, such as Prezi for presentations and Symbaloo as a PLE for when I become an educator one day. As I look over my old posts as well, I see an improvement in my writing and releasing my thoughts. When I first started I wasn’t sure how to “blog” but I now see that it is simple and just basically putting all your thoughts down.

I see college as a more of a “life-training” because not only am I learning things that will help me build a career, but I also learn important life tools. For example, prioritizing is something I learned a lot more. In high school, things weren’t that difficult so you could get away with putting things off and off until the last minute, but that doesn’t fly in college. It also won’t fly in the real world. I have learned that if you do everything on time, early, it’ll get you further. It will also get you less stressed. My first year, I would wait til the end and then get so overwhelmed that I would emotional outbreaks on a weekly basis. But now I get them done ASAP, even if it means missing out on doing stuff with friends. Life isn’t always about the fun. Some things are more important.

This class has been such a rewarding experience for me and I’m so glad to be able to use this useful knowledge in the future. 🙂

Here is the link to my Prezi so you can see more:


CISC101-Week 9

This week we had to create a screencast of our cool tool that we explored a couple weeks ago. I have to admit, this was very difficult for me. I was on the verge of screaming trying to figure it out. I got the screenshot part down, but could not get my audio to work. After a couple days of searching, I finally found the problem and was able to complete. I hope my screencast was not too confusing and everyone enjoyed looking at what I found. You can check out my video at the link below:

CISC101- Week 8

This week we had to tell a story digitally using a meme. I have to admit, this was a pretty difficult task for me because I have never done anything like this before. After talking to Professor Boyer, I understood better and was able to complete it. I thought of a story or message I wanted to convey, and because I am not creative enough to generate a video, I used my own image to create a meme. It is not funny ones that you see on the internet, rather a serious one that tells a message that is very important to me. About a year and a half ago, a wonderful little boy was placed in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful. No matter our age difference or biological differences, we have a very strong friendship that I know will last a lifetime. I was a part of the Blue-Gold program in highschool, and am still a part in college, and that will always have a lasting impact on my life. I want everyone else to know that although we may not all be physically or biologically equal, deep down we are equal. Don’t put people down just because they aren’t the same as you, because you could find the best things in the least likely places.


CISC101-Week 7

This week’s assignment I found to be the most fun. I admit, finding a cool tool was a little tricky, but once I found one, I started looking for ways to implement it. I found one called Symbaloo, which I found from our Week 4 assignment. I chose this because whole it looked cool, it can also help me in the future when I am a teacher because you can not only create a free account for personal use, you can pay for an account as a teacher and link it to your students. With the way technology is going, this could come in handy when I have my own classroom of students.

My favorite part of this week’s assignment was creating my GoogleSite. I used the company my boyfriend works for as my topic, beause they do not have a company site and would like one. It was a little difficult at first to figure out how to make changes, but once I got the hang of it, I got a little carried away and added a lot more than I realized. I can’t wait to keep working at it and finish the site.

I really enjoyed this week’s assignment. Here are the link’s for my GoogleSite and my PLE:

CISC101-Week 6

This week we created a resume that we hope will come true in the future. I have created resumes before, but this one was especially important because it is what I hope will come true in the future. I hope to one day become a Special Education teacher. In this resume I tried to put attainable goals in there, and keep it as realistic as possible so that I may actually look at this as inspiration to complete my future goals. I really enjoyed this activity because it got me to be creative, but keep me on track with thinking about my future.

Here’s a link to my blog so you can all access it:

CISC101- Week 5

This week we learned what the Copyright Law was. I had always heard about it and knew the basis of it, but didn’t know the whole jist of it. I think it is important to have a copyright law because if not people would take advantage of someone else’s idea and use it as their own. I believe it is legal to feed off of someone else’s idea and make it your own or use it as a base and completely transform it into their own, different thing. I also think it is good that the copyright law last forever because if not, someone would take that idea after the time was up and take credit for it, and the original owner legally couldn’t do anything about it.

As far as remixing goes, I think legal remixing, meaning they are giving credit for the material used is not plagiarism. But when you take something and don’t give the original owner credit, then that becomes plagiarism.

In my opinion, everyone is entitled to the protection of their own work. And this includes being able to sue others and receiving money for it. It is the right thing to do for hard work to pay off.

CISC101-Week 4

This week we had to explore some organizations related to our major or the field we would like to be in. I explored two different organizations that interested me and I might need to know about in my field. The first was called the Council for Exceptional Children. This organization works to improve the educational success of youth with gifts and talents and disabilities. From here I found the personal Twitter account of a lady named Melody Musgrove (@MelodyMusgrove). On this account she reposts things from the CEC and posts her own experiences with teaching in a special education setting. She also reposts things from other education organizations. The next organization I looked up was Delaware Down Syndrome Association. This is a national organization, but this particular site was for DE’s chapter. From there I found the Twitter account of a little girl named Kayla (@KaylasCourt) who is in the 2nd grade, and has down syndrome. This account shows her living her life just like every one of us, and also shows the awesome things she does in the community. Both of these accounts I find to be very trustworthy and helpful. By following them, I can also find other organizations and other news out related to my field. This week’s activity helped me find other outlets to help me get more knowledge about my field.

CISC101-Week 3

Over the past few weeks, we have started to learn about a lot of new social media tools that I can use in my professional life. I have to admit that I was a bit confused at how to use some of them and am still trying to learn how to do it. I think over time I can try to figure out how to incorporate them into my professional life and really get the most out of them. It will definitely be a learning process with these new tools.

CISC101- Week 2

I think online learning and social networking is a good thing, but has its downfalls. Let’s start with online learning. As time goes on, we are relying more and more on technology and eventually in time, technology will probably over take everything. So in essence online learning is beneficial to our future. On the contrary, it is bad because it means that people will forget how to do things the “old-fashioned” way, by hand, and be virtually useless in situations that require it.

As for social networking, it has it’s advantages with keeping in touch with others, for example. On Facebook you can keep track of family members and friends that may not live near you so you don’t see them very often. It’s a way to keep in touch. It is also a way to meet new people, i.e.. Dating sites. Social Networking can also come in handy with classwork if you need to get in contact with a peer for help on homework or a future employer or current employer about a job. It is bad though because eventually people will eventually solely depend on these forms of communication and have no face to face contact with the outside world. I feel it is important to still interact in person with one another.

I think after college, with the way things are going, I will continue to use these tools to advance in life and my career, but I hope that it doesn’t come down to all technology, no human interaction. I would like to still be able to interact with others.

CISC101- Week 1

This Fall in CISC101 I hope to learn about new professional social networking ways and new ways to create presentations. PowerPoint is getting boring, and I’d like to use a fun flashy way to present topics. With trying to become a teacher, this will come in handy for the future when making lesson plans and parent presentations. I hope to also learn things about the internet/computer technology that I didn’t know before. I am looking forward to this semester and the fun that awaits me in this class.